Some Prisoners Asked to Stay in Gitmo

From Jihad Watch. It seems that some of the  prisoners slated for release in Guantanamo Bay want to stay. And why shouldn’t they?

Far from being tortured, as some protestors outside the White House alleged last week, Rotunda said prisoners at Gitmo are allowed to take classes (with some even receiving “home-schooling”), can read Harry Potter books in Arabic and are given their choice of athletic shoes for playing sports.

What’s more, the Defense Department has even flown in special fruits and nuts for detainees to observe Ramadan, Rotunda said, although the detainees’ request for a goat to be sacrificed was declined–in deference to PETA.

“Most Gitmo detainees live in group housing with open bays and about 10 people to a bay,” she said.

“They are outside of their housing bays for up to 12 hours a day. During that time, they can take classes, visit the library–which has over 5,000 titles, including the Harry Potter series translated into Arabic, which are very popular–exercise, check out movies or games, play sports–detainees can chose from a selection of athletic shoes–or even visit the computer lab.”…

I had no idea that Harry Potter has been translated into Arabic. Anyway where do I sign up? I want to be a jihadist and get special fruits and nuts for Ramadan, take classes and get new athletic shoes. No virgins though.

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