Ban ATMs?

Would you sign a petition to ban job killing ATMs. The Media Research Center asked people to sign such a petition. To their amazement, people actually did sign it.

We had a lot of people who thought it made sense to get rid of cash machines and for a variety of reasons.Some didn’t like the usage fees and concluded that the best way to get rid of the hassle was to get rid of ATMs altogether.

Other’s wanted to see America return to a simpler time when we all got our money from our friendly neighborhood banker who knew your name, smiled at you and gave little Billy a¬†lollipop after which you could hop in your horse drawn carriage and return to your candle lit home.

One woman even said that ATM machines were bad for the environment.

Had we stood out there all day we could have undoubtedly gotten hundreds of signatures on our fake petitions.

I don’t think that is any dumber than signing a petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide.

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