2 thoughts on “Is China Trying to Bankrupt America?”

  1. If you look around, China isn’t exactly capable of extending its influence much beyond its own borders. Riots made up of tens of thousands of people break out regularly in China. We only heard about them during the Olympics because there was actually foreign reporters in the nation with more freedom than normal. If China were to look towards expansionism, they would collapse from internal strife. They simply don’t have the capacity, so busy controlling their own population, to possibly be a real threat. Plus, with their economy almost entirely export based, collapsing the United States would be economic suicide for them.

    The simple fact of the matter is that China isn’t actually that much of a threat. The only threat to America is from within.


    1. Like I said, we don’t NEED China’s help to go bankrupt. We can do that all by ourselves. Seriously though, one thing the leadership of China has to be worrying about right now is the possibility that the US will start defaulting on its debts, or start printing up trillions of dollars to get out of our debts through inflation. Either possibility would be very bad for the US but absolutely catastrophic for China.


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