Paying a Bill in Pennies

I suppose it’s a common fantasy when you have some argument over billing with a company or utility, to pay the bill in pennies. Jason West of Vernal, Utah did just that over a disputed doctor’s bill of $25. The clerks at the doctor’s office were not amused and called the police.

Police said 38-year-old Jason West went to a clinic in Vernal, Utah, on May 27 to dispute an outstanding bill for $25.

“After asking if they accepted cash, West dumped 2,500 pennies onto the counter and demanded that they count it,” Vernal Assistant Police Chief Keith Campbell said. “The pennies were strewn about the counter and the floor.”

West was cited for disorderly conduct and now faces a fine of $140. I wonder if he is going to pay that in pennies.


One thought on “Paying a Bill in Pennies”

  1. The issue was that he didn’t have the pennies packaged. I’ve seen plenty of videos of cops FORCING the parking SOBs and others to accept pennies, as long as the pennies were in a container of some sort.

    Can’t do that in Canada. Coins aren’t legal tender in Canada, so they can be refused anywhere for any reason.


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