The Circumcision Ban

I had thought that the proposed ban on circumcision in San Francisco was mostly a product of that city’s general left-wing wackiness and certain homosexuals’ obsession with their penises. There was an anti-semitic element but I thought it was relatively minor, given that the majority of circumcised males in this country are gentiles. It would appear that I was wrong and there is something more sinister at play here, judging from this from Pajamas Media. The images that Zombie provide are the most offensive I have seen in a long time. I suppose I ought to provide a sample but I would really rather not and it is no trouble to click on a link.


3 thoughts on “The Circumcision Ban”

      1. Yes, saw some of the comics already. Unfortunately, people have tried to explain away Antisemitism as a psychological issue, but it is simply too widespread. Jews face hate in ways no other people on Earth ever has, even by fellow Monotheists. This man isn’t unique, merely one in a long line going as far back as the Romans, who also tried to ban circumcision, and even farther back, to Ancient Egypt. This is nothing new.


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