Belgian Protesters Destroy GM Field Trial

This is really nice.

Protesters have destroyed a controversial GM field trial in Belgium.

In Wetteren, a municipality in the Belgian province of East Flanders, activists succeeded in damaging the GM potatoes being trialled for blight resistance, despite a large contingent of police officers who had been ordered to guard the GM trial. The officers were unable to stop the 300-400 or more peaceful protesters of all ages, who included local people.

These were not “peaceful protesters”. These were trespassers and vandals, who don’t seem to want people to have cheap and plentiful food, especially not, I suppose those dark skinned people in places like Africa. Genetically modified food could really make the difference between life and death by starvation for millions of people.

And what these fools don’t understand, is that people have been modifying the plants and animals we have domesticated for centuries through selective breeding. What is being done in test fields in places like Wetteren is really no different in principle, though more efficient and certain.

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