Is Facebook Playing Favorites?

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Image via CrunchBase

It’s hard to tell, according to this article. Facebook is putting out a software upgrade that will require groups to have a key or their administrators will not be able to have access to the lists of members. The problem here is that so far some groups, like Pamela Geller‘s Stop Islamization of America, with 15,000 members, has not received a key yet, while the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, with 1000 members, has. There seems to be a trend of left-wing groups getting the key while right-wing groups have not. Facebook has refused to explain how this upgrade is being handled or why some groups seem to have an easier time getting the key than others

According to the article, the switch has barely begun, so perhaps there is nothing to this. Given the fact that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg is a big Obama supporter, it is not, perhaps too outlandish to suggest that Facebook might indeed be favoring the left.

I think the lesson for Conservatives, is that we should not assume that we will always have access to social media, given the left’s eagerness to shut down and censor any opposing viewpoint. We need to have as many lines of communication as possible.

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