KISS’ Gene Simmons: Obama “Has No F***ing Idea What The World Is Like”

From Newbusters

I’ve never been a fan of KISS but maybe I should reconsider. Gene Simmons seems to have more of a clue than many in the entertainment industry.

GENE SIMMONS, KISS: President Obama, I voted for an idea. What I didn’t realize what I was getting was an idealist. If you’ve never been to the moon, you can’t issue policy about the moon. You have no f—king idea what it’s like on the moon. For a president to be sitting in Washington, D.C., and saying, “Go back to your 67 borders in Israel,” how about you live there and try to defend an indefensible border nine miles wide? On one side you’ve got hundreds of millions of people who hate your guts, on the other side you’ve got the Mediterranean. Unless you control, in Israel, unless you control those Golan Heights, it’s an indefensible position.

Mitch Not Running

White House Portrait of Mitch Daniels
Image via Wikipedia

From Yahoo News. Mitch Daniels has decided not to run for President. Evidently he doesn’t want to drag his family through the rigors of a presidential campaign. I’m disappointed but not I don’t blame him. You would have to be insane to run for president nowadays.

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