Friday the 13th

Strangely enough, it did not register with me until just now that today is friday the 13th. To think I went the whole day without taking any precautions. Luckily I am not a friggatriskaidekaphobiac or a paraskevidekatriaphobiac, both words meaning the fear of friday the 13th.

By the way, on this date in 1888, Brazil became the last country in the Western world to abolish slavery. I guess the day wasn’t unlucky for the Brazilian slaves.


Dinner Invitation

From The Sun

If a man who describes himself as a cannibal invites you to dinner, it’s probably best to decline.

A CANNIBAL has been arrested after his “dinner guest” changed his mind and called the cops.

The would-be victim from Switzerland answered an internet advert from the 43-year-old man seeking someone who would agree to be killed, cooked and eaten.

He claims he thought the offer — posted by a man in Slovakia — was nothing more than a “macabre fantasy game”.

But he said after speaking to the unnamed man on the phone, he realised he was “deadly serious”.

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