Dennis Prager is Wrong, for Once

Dennis Prager is usually right on target with his columns and radio show, but I happen to disagree with some things he said in his latest column,  How Leftism Poisoned a Psychiatrist’s Mind. The column concerns one Richard Klitzman, whose sister was killed on 9/11. Writing in the New York Times, Klitzman stated that although he was glad Osama bin Laden was killed, we need to understand what policies and acts we have done to cause people like Osama bin Laden to hate us so much he wanted to attack us.

Prager is rightly indignant at this attitude, comparing to asking what the Jews did to inspire the Nazis to hate them, or what Blacks did to cause whites to lynch them, and several other examples. but then Prager writes:

I suspect that Klitzman is a morally better man than his thesis suggests. But at some point, perhaps in college, he assimilated the leftist worldview with the dogmatic but meaningless phrases that appeared in his column: “underlying forces of greed and hate,” “American imperialism,” “corporate avarice” and “abuses of our power abroad.”

Most people who hold left-wing views when they are young abandon those views as they get older and wiser. But for those who never abandon leftism, the dogma is so powerful, it functions as a fundamentalist — secular — religion. Just as the Orthodox Jew, the evangelical Christian and the traditionalist Catholic views the world through his respective religion’s eyes, so the leftist views the world and everything in it through leftist eyes.

That is how a man whose profession is dedicated to the elimination of psychological pain through the study of the infinitely complex human mind and psyche can have such a simplistic and morally convoluted view of America that he uses his sister’s murder as an occasion to reflect on the evil — of America.

One more example of how leftism makes decent people do indecent things.

I don’t agree. A person is what he does and what he thinks. If Richard Klitzman’s mind is full of these sorts of thoughts, than he is not a decent person, whatever he may appear to be on the outside. On the inside he is vile.

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