Pawns Are Sacrificed

I wish that the people who profess to be for peace in the Middle East and concern about the plight of the Palestinians would hold the Palestinians to the same standards of behavior as they do the Israelis. By this, I mean that every act of terrorism, violence and barbarism Hamas and the Palestinian Authority should be condemned without reservation, that calling for the destruction of Israel not be tolerated, and the  antisemitic propaganda taught to children and shown on their media be ended. If the people who claim to speak for world opinion and human rights would do this they would be doing both sides in that conflict a favor.

If it were made abundantly clear, that violence on the part of any Palestinian leaders would not be tolerated and that they have no choice but to learn to live with Israel, instead of the encouragement they now get, then perhaps those leaders might decide to try a different, less reprehensible strategy to get what they want. Or, failing that, perhaps the Palestinian people would work to choose new leaders. Maybe they might become more peaceful and develop their country instead of hating.

This won’t happen though. The tragedy of the Palestinians is that they are pawns, and pawns are sacrificed.

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