Last Typewriter Factory in the World Closes

From the Daily Mail, I read that  the last typewriter factory has closed. Godrej and Boyce still had one factory left in Mumbai (Bombay) India but even in India the typewriter has become obsolete. It’s the end of an era.

I think that is must have been at least fifteen years since I have used a typewriter. It was just after I graduated from Indiana University and I needed to make up a resume. I think it was a Brother electric typewriter. I used it in college. They had computers, even way back then, but this was before Windows, so I was yet proficient at using them. I could never write a first draft on a typewriter, though. The clicking of the keys distracted me and I made too many typos. I had to write out papers in long hand and then type them out, hoping I didn’t make too many mistakes, when I was ready to turn them in. This was not a very good system since my hand got cramped after writing a few paragraphs.

It was a relief when I finally did begin to use a computer to write. I learned to use one of the Apples on the campus, remember this was before Windows. It was so easy. The words just appeared as I thought them, and I could correct my typos.

Progress is good, but I do miss the old ways sometimes.


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