Happy Easter from the Communists

Evidently, the Communist Party USA has put out an Easter Message. I had no idea they were still in business. I can’t imagine why Glenn Beck even bothered.

I couldn’t find out how many members they have. They are now against the violent overthrow of the government, opting instead for peaceful change. They are not against religion and even have their own Religious Commission, for the useful idiots among the clergy.

Looking through their website is rather like looking at the ghosts of bad ideas that have long ago lived pass their time.

Lenin’s Birthday

I guess it’s also Vladimir Lenin’s birthday. I suppose that it is just a coincidence that Earth Day, a day which celebrates eco-socialism, falls on this day, or is it?

The Byzantine Empire

I have just finished reading “The Byzantine Empire” by Charles Oman. I gave it five stars in my review at Amazon.com.

This relatively short book is an excellent introduction to the history of the Byzantine Empire. The author, Charles Oman, seems to have been among the first western historians to get away from Gibbon’s dismissals of the Byzantines a corrupt and cowardly and to present them in their true light, the defenders of the West from Islam for 800 years. There is a lot Oman skips over, that is unavoidable, but there is more than enough here to whet the appetite for more.

Obviously I liked it a lot.

Good Friday

I always wondered why the day Jesus was crucified is called “Good” Friday. Being nailed to a cross could hardly be described as “good”. Perhaps it should be called “Bad” Friday, or “This Day Really Stinks” Friday. I finally got around to looking it up and it seems that the “good” is an obsolete definition of the word which means holy or pious. That makes a whole lot more sense.

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