Indiana’s government unions paid for Democrats to flee-bag their constituents.

Well, how about that.

Indiana’s government unions paid for Democrats to flee-bag their constituents.

If I were a voter in Indiana, I would be very, very angry.

From Mike O’Brien:

The Indiana Democratic Party’s first quarter campaign finance report was filed last Friday and confirms what everyone already suspected but Democrats denied: their “We Are Indiana” walkout was bought and paid for national unions.  Read the report here: Dem Finance Report.

During the period of the walkout that began on February 22 and ended on March 28, Democrat-backed unions contributed nearly $140,000 to the Indiana Democratic Party.  Their goal: stop the legislative session in its tracks, kill anti-union bills, and pay whatever it took to keep Democrats holed up in an Illinois hotel.

The Democratic Party’s largest benefactor was the Comfort Inn Urbana, which received $84,953.70 by April 6 to pay for hotel rooms occupied by Democrat legislators.  Because the Indiana Democratic Party began the year with a measly $40,000 in the bank, they needed help from the deep pockets of national unions to pay the hefty hotel bill.  And that’s exactly what they got.

I am not well-versed in Indiana’s lobbyist laws but it seems as if those truant legislators could be indicted for bribery.

They took a thing of value in exchange for changing the outcome of proposed legislation.

We shall see if any of those “non-partisan” self-professed watchdogs and promoters of “good government demandd justice.

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Well, I am a voter in Indiana , and yes I am angry.

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