Manos: The Hands of Fate

We watched Manos:The Hands of Fate this evening. While I cannot say that it is the worst movie ever made, I haven’t seen every movie, it certainly must come close. The technical ineptitude of this film cannot be believed. The plot is incoherent. There are continuity problems. The dialog was dubbed afterwards because the camera didn’t record sound, etc.


Letter to Rep. Cheatham

Dear Rep Cheatham;

I hope you are well rested from your recent five-week vacation. I wanted to thank you for sending out the fliers to your constituents. I’m sure we all appreciate the effort you have made to keep us informed of your accomplishments. It’s too bad there is not some inexpensive way that we could access information from our homes. I hear your fellow Democrat, former Vice-President Al Gore is an innovative fellow. Perhaps he has invented something that could be useful in that regard.

Anyway, as you might imagine, I take a rather more negative view of your “accomplishments”. Let us go over the things you have listed one by one, shall we?

•  Right-to Work legislation (House Bill 1468) is off the table, preserving collective bargaining rights.

In other words, workers can still be forced to join a union and pay dues whether they want to or not.

•  The permanent ban on public employee bargaining (HB 1585) is currently not under consideration in the House

So in the future public employee unions may be able to collude with politicians to get exorbitant benefits at the expense of the taxpayers

• Legislation to allow private takeover of public school (HB 1479) that fall into the two lowest statewide performance categories for five years has been derailed in the House for now.

So, public schools that perform poorly can continue to perform poorly

•  Private school vouchers will be limited to 7,500 students the first year and 15,000 the second year, rather than the largest voucher program in the nation originally proposed (HB 1003)

So, parents with children in substandard schools will have no choice but to continue to send them to substandard schools. We wouldn’t want the public schools to face the kind of competition that might induce them to perform better or innovate, would we. We certainly wouldn’t want Indiana to get a reputation as a leader in education reform.

•  The threshold for applying the common construction wage to projects will be significantly lower

So, Hoosier taxpayers can pay more for projects and non-union contractors can be discouraged from bidding on projects.

You have certainly worked hard for Democratic special interests. Too bad you couldn’t work as hard for Hoosiers


David Hoffman

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