The Irrational Atheist 2

Speaking of irrational atheists, I wonder why they all have to go through the trouble writing books making fun of believers. I don’t  go around making fun of people who have other religions. I may think their beliefs are wrong, but unless that belief includes trying to kill me because Allah commands it, then it really doesn’t affect me.

Of course, they say that religion poisons everything, starts wars, persecutions, etc. I grant that  a lot of evils have been done in the name of religion, but blaming religion is really addressing the symptom and not the cause, which is our sinful nature. I really don’t think that the last five thousand years of recorded history would have been greatly different if everyone had been an atheist.

I suspect that if it were a simple matter of unbelief, what others believe would be a matter of indifference to them. I wonder if, subconsciously, they do believe in God, or some divine power, and hate Him.

9 thoughts on “The Irrational Atheist 2”

  1. “I suspect that if it were a simple matter of unbelief, what others believe would be a matter of indifference to them. I wonder if, subconsciously, they do believe in God, or some divine power, and hate Him.”

    I can assure you that, for the atheist who has reasoned his way to his unbelief, this is, most certainly, not the case. Is it really so surprising to hear an atheist’s frustration with so much of the problems in the world stemming from religion (this is not to say that all of the world’s problems can be traced back to religion)? Is it really so surprising that there is such a backlash right now when atheists had to suffer the incessant verbal chastisement, mostly from Christians (to deny this would be to be intentionally ignorant of how many Christians respond to atheists)? The reason why there is such a preponderance right now is because, finally, there are those who were not afraid to speak out against the monolith that is religion.

    Yes, many atheists now, especially on the internet, seem to be overly-defensive when it comes to criticism, but can one really blame the atheist when we had to hear time and time again such criticisms as “You’re of the devil” or “Atheists have no morality.” A parallel can be drawn from the swing in the pendulum with regards to the African-American segregation. There is a mentality now that ‘reparations are due’ (justifiably, I might add) to the African-American community. In a similar way that many African-Americans are called racist to Caucasians (pendulum swing), the same can be said (though, to a much lesser extant) between the Christian-atheist dichotomy.

    Furthermore, the main problem that atheists have with ‘religion’ is not religion in the socio-economic context. You don’t see much criticism to Hinduism or Buddhism. Much of the criticism stems from the constant stultification imposed on the education system by those of the more fundamental religious inclinations.


  2. Gee, your comment is longer than my post, and you seem to take it more seriously. The thing that prompted this post, aside from the book I’m reading, is the tendency I’ve noticed for some atheists, at least the militant ones, to refer to God as the sky bully or a pretend friend. That does not sound to me like cool reason. There seems to be a strong emotion behind that.


    1. I’m referring to the atheist who refers to God as a “sky bully” or celestial tyrant. Maybe, it’s just me but I have to wonder why someone would get worked up over what they regard as an imaginary being. After all, I don’t have any strong feelings about Santa Claus. Now, I think that most atheists are just as indifferent to the belief in God, but there are some who seem to hate the idea.

      As for God or some divine power, I was being ecumenical.


  3. Ok yes, I would assume that a person who would refer to God as a “sky bully” or anything good or bad for that matter must have an emotional tie there somewhere. Because most of the blogs I have read who an Athiest was the author will not budge on the matter of anything existing at all.


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