The Irrational Atheist

I have been reading the Irrational Atheist by Vox Day lately. It’s nice to see the New Atheists get a taste of their own medicine as the author demolishes their arguments with facts and logic. Judging by the number of one starred reviews at, atheists are a remarkably thin-skinned group.

I Can’t Drive 85

The Texas House of Representatives is considering raising the speed limit up to 85 mph on some highways.


As lead singer of Van Halen, Sammy Hagar once crooned, “I can’t drive 55.” To show how far things have come, now some Texans aren’t happy about only driving 80 miles per hour. The Legislature is considering raising the maximum speed limit to 85 mph, highest in the country.The Texas House of Representatives has approved a bill that would raise the speed limit to 85 mph on some highways. The bill now goes to the state Senate, the Austin Statesman reports.

We suspect Sammy, shown at right back in 1995 when California raised its speed limit from 55 mph to 65 mph, would be pleased.

Texas currently has more than 520 miles of interstate highways where the speed limit is 80 mph, according to the Associated Press. The bill would allow the Texas Department of Transportation to raise the speed limit on certain roads or lanes after engineering and traffic studies are conducted. The 85-mph maximum would likely be permitted on rural roads with long sightlines.


Since I get nervous just driving 70 mph, I think I won’t be going to Texas anytime soon.

Living in Caves

I think these houses are really cool. I’d like to live in a cave.

Homes That Are Built Inside Caves

By Melissa Friedling, MainStreet

People all over the world have lived in cave dwellings for millennia, and do to this day – in China, the American Southwest, France, Spain, Turkey, and Iran (to name just a few).

And it is no wonder, since caves are cool in the summer, warm in the winter, offer great protection from the elements and have fewer building-material expenses. There are challenges too – lack of light and damp air – but these have been largely solved in the modern troglodyte lifestyle.

What’s not to like?



I like this last one especially.

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